information about depression and anxiety and support for sufferers, families and friends

Promoting Understanding About Depression and Anxiety

By people who have the life experience.

Living with depression and anxiety is a lonely existence.  The everyday living that most take for granted is a massive challenge for us and it is difficult to see a better future.  Approximately 15% of sufferers will take the drastic decision to end their lives with devastating effects on those left behind.  It doesn’t have to be like this.  There is a way out for all of us.

There are four primary reasons for this website and blog:

  1. To clearly help visitors identify the symptoms,
  2. To help people understand WHY they have depression, and
  3. To change peoples thinking so that sufferers can seek help without feeling embarrassed, and
  4. We care and want to help others.

To achieve this we will seek to build better understanding by publishing the experiences of people who have lived through anxiety and depression and perhaps also conquered it.  We can learn a lot from these people, especially those who have come through the other side and now live happy and productively in their communities and family environments.

According to the World Health Organization, depression is the second biggest cause of death after heart disease in Europe and America.  Additionally, one in five people will experience depression to some extent.  Mental Health is a growing issue in our society and by growing awareness, highlighting the facts, debunking the myths and enabling you to contribute with questions,we hope to build awareness. So this is a very important issue and we can make a difference!

Please visit the blog and read the posts.  If you have a contribution to make, please sign up and have your say.  We welcome all constructive comments.  If you would like to become an author, please contact us.

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